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China Metal Fiber Laser Engraver Machine with Rotary Attachment

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Fiber laser marking machine is also called fiber laser engraver machine. When you need ring or bracelet or other round parts inside or outside engraving,you have to choose our rotary attachment.

Fiber laser engraver machine is designed for metal engarving mainly and certain types of Non-Metal engraving.Equipped with Raycus Laser Core, outstanding in longer life of 100,000 hours.

Unique designed fully sealed structure, prevent dust enters laser body, equipment failure rate much reduced.

Equipped with rotary attachment for round surface engraving such as ring inside engraving or outside engraving on bracelet.

rotary fiber laser marking machine 50 watts

The rotary attachment can be chosen according to your round parts diameter, usually comes with D80mm rotary attachment, its maximum size can be fixed on chuck should be within 80mm. 

Also have specail rotary attachment for jewelry use. 

rotary attachment for laser machine

Rotary engraving samples

rotary fiber laser engraving machine

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