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Wood Engraving by Co2 Laser Marking Machine 30 watts

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Wood Engraving by Co2 Laser Marking Machine 30 watts


CO2 laser marking machine, is also called galvo co2 laser engraving machine, it’s specially designed by our company for wood engraving use. It can easily make custom engravings on wood with fast speed and clean nice result, no problem to engrave photos, logos, text, and numbers.And it is very easy to use, just takes about 15 minutes training, you will be no problem to operate it by yourself. Many buyers buy it for wood gift, custom wood box engraving, and wood art craft and wood souvenirs Wood co2 laser marking machine adopts Rf laser source, good quality laser beam and working lifespan can be more than 40000 hours, after 40000 hours, the tube also can be rechargeable, so it will save your cost to operate and much stable than glass laser tube, what's more, for RF laser source, mostly air cooling will be ok, while for glass laser tube, have to work with chiller, that's why mostly recommended RF laser source for laser marking. 


Applicable materials: wood stone leather, plastic, ceramics, and other no-metal materials...

Galvo type co2 laser engraving machine performs fast speed and high precision for wood engraving, it will get a very clean engraving effect. 


Product model



Type of machine

China wood co2 laser marking engraving machine

Laser Wavelength

10640nm (10.6um)

laser power



Modulating frequency


Marking Range:

110mm×110mm 175mm×175mm 210mm×210mm, 300*300mm optional

Repetition Precision


Marking mode

static or dynamic

Spot diameter


Lifting way of working


Manual or automatic

Lifting height


Travel of table

X:150mm   Y: 90mm

Machine power supply

220V   50Hz   20A

Cooling method

forced-air cooling

Power of the Whole Equipment


working conditions

temperature:13°C~29°C, humidity:5%~75%, free of dust and well ventilated

Overall dimension


Machine weight


For more co2 laser marking machine working video, you can  click here for more videos.

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