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How to Choose a Deep Aluminum Fiber Laser Metal Engraving Machine

Publish: Modify: 2020-09-18 11:34Author: Views: From: China Laser Machine Manufactur
How to choose a fiber laser marking machine for metal aluminum deep engraving? Today we will tell you what will effect the laser engraving depth on metals.We recommend you our 50w 60w 80 watts fiber laser engraving machine for metal deep engraving

How to Choose a Deep Aluminum Fiber Laser Metal Engraving Machine

Deep metal engraving requires a machine with special abilities like high Single Pule Energy that most other types do not have. For those of you who need this type of marking done on your parts, you’ll need a deep metal laser engraving machine.

Checking the below aluminum deep laser engraving samples

fiber laser deep engraving aluminum

1. Laser Power is the most important for engraving depth.

For metal deep engraving, laser power level is concusive effect for the engraving depth. If high laser power level, it will performs much faster and deeper on metal engraving. Such as fiber laser, it has 20 watts to 100 watts or even higher laser power. for 20-30 watts laser power level, its engraving depth is usually within 0.3-0.5mm. For 50-100 watts fiber laser engraving machine, its engraving depth can be about 0.6-1.5mm. Of course, if for same depth engraving on metals or aluminum, the high laser power, the faster engraving speed. Of course, fiber laser engraving machine price will be also expensiver than low laser power.  Considering the price and engraving capacity, we usually recommend our customers to choose 50 watts or 60 watts or 80 watts for laser aluminum metal deep engraving. it will be cost-effective and high working efficiency for deep engraving on metals and aluminum.

2. Focus lens VS Working distance

For standard laser marking machine, usually install F163 lens, scanning range is 110*110mm. It is better for most of engaving marking work. Because its laser focus is fine and working distance is short, so its laser power output will be very strong, it will be good for deep engraving. Of course, we also have

F254 lens, its scanning range is 175*175mm. Compare F163 and F254 lens, if equipped with same laser power level, F163 will be faster in metal deep engraving. because of short working distance. So if you need big range engraving on metals, have to increase the laser power

Please check our machine picture of fiber laser metal engraving machine

fiber laser metal engraving machine

deep laser metal engraving machine

Other engraving samples made by our Fiber laser metal engraving machine

50 watts fiber laser marking machine

Aluminum deep fiber laser metal engraving machine working video:

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