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What should i choose from fiber laser marking machine 20w 30w 50 watts

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For fiber laser marking machine,there are 20 watts to 100 watts available to choose.The more laser power, means the more engraving capacity and higher working efficency for same job

For new buyers of laser marking machine, maybe you don't know how to choose a best laser machine for your needs. Especially for laser power. 

In fact, no matter what laser power you choose, the machine appearance will be similar, because its laser power is determined by its inside laser source. It has fiber laser 20 watts, 30W 50W 60W and even 100 watts. What does laser power mean? 

The inside laser source installed 

fiber laser source 20 watts

Now taking car as an example to explain what laser power, for cars, it has 1.5L, 2.0L and 1.5T, 2.0T engine displacement. but all car apprearance are same. It's also same for laser machine, its laser power is just like the car engine, its laser power means the engine displacement. So if you choose a high laser power, it will perform much faster for same depth engraving. Now you know what's laser power? 

By the way, the standard fiber laser marking machine working range is 110*110mm, if you need bigger working range, have to consider high laser power, because for big scaaning range, its laser focus length will get much longer (the distance between laser head and working surface), it will lose so much laser energy, so have to consider higher laser power. Not means the bigger range, the better. You should choose the marking range according to your real working requirement, the smaller the better.  The scaaning range is determined by the F-thete lens, if you need bigger range, just change a F-thete lens will be ok 

Here is the F-Thete lens picture

F160 lens 1064nm

If you still don't know how to choose laser power from fiber laser 20 watts, fiber laser 30 watts or 50 watts, just feel free to contact us, we will recommend you the right laser power according to your needs. 

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