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Fiber Laser Vs CO2 Laser Which One is Best and Right For You?

Publish: Modify: 2020-09-24 15:18Author: Views: From: Fiber CO2 Laser Machine Supplier
Fiber laser is best for all metals engraving marking and printing,also no problem for most of no-metal materials, but can't work on transparent materials and wood. While CO2 laser is best for wood engraving and nearly all no-metal materials,but it can't work on metals,of course, if some painted metals, co2 laser is also no problem to do engraving on it.

Fiber Laser Vs CO2 Laser Which One is Best and Right For You?

Many buyers has a questions: which one should i buy from Fiber laser and co2 laser and which one is best and right for me? Many buyers has such questions, that's because they don't understand the difference of co2 laser and fiber laser. 

For fiber laser, it mainly works with all metals, such as iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, gold, silver and other metal alloys. It can used for all metals engraving, marking, printing and welding, and also cutting, which will depends on its laser power level. Of couse, fiber laser is also no problem for most of no-metal materials, such as abs plastic, but can't work on wood. stone, and other transparent materials.  

For metals engraving, we have fiber laser engraver 20 watts to 200 watts. If you need deep metal engraving use, had better consider our fiber laser metal engraver machine 50 watts or higher laser power, because the higher laser power, the deeper engraving and also the faster engraving speed. Fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm

While CO2 laser, it is mainly used for working with no-metal materials, such as leather, wood, glass, plastic, acrylic, mdf, and others. Its wavelength is 10640nm, ten times than fiber laser. For wood logo engraving, our hot sale type is 30 watts galvo co2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser can do clean and fast engraving on wood surface. But co2 laser can't work on real metals, of course, if metal surface was painted, co2 laser is also no problem to engrave on it. For RF Co2 laser, it will have 30 watts, 60 watts, 100 watts or even higher laser power, but for wood engraving, 30 wattts and 60 watts is hot sale. 

Check the below machine picture of Fiber laser engraving machine and Galvo co2 laser marking machine . 

fiber laser VS CO2 laser

For above fiber laser and co2 laser marking machine picture, they both looks same appearance, nearly no difference, yes you are right, but looking it carefully, you will find there is something different from their laser path. The fiber laser arm is very small, while co2 laser arm is bigger, that's because they are different lasers, For fiber laser, its fiber laser source (brand: Raycus,Max,IPG, JPT laser source) is installed inside of the machine cabinets, 

Raycus Fiber laser source inside:

fiber laser metal engraver machine

while for co2 laser marking machine, its laser source is installed at its arm position, we called it laser path. That' s because fiber laser deliver the laser beam by a fiber calbe, so its laser path size is small, while co2 laser, directly install it on the laser path. 

Inside of co2 laser marking machine

wood laser marking machine

Check the fiber laser source and CO2 laser source below: 

fiber vs co2 laser source

So if you want to get a best answer which one is best, which should ask yourself, what you want to engrave and your engraving applications. So choose the best laser for your engraving job. If you can't make a decision, just feel free to contact us, we will help you choose the best from fiber laser and co2 laser.

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