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Custom Auto feeding automatic laser marking machine for bearings engraving

Model NO: MZ-FMA50-R
Selling Points: automatic laser marking machine
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Standard Price: $4880.00 / Set
Price Range: $2000.00 to $8000.00 / Set According to Configurations
The final price will fluctuate according to the configurations of Custom Auto feeding automatic laser marking machine for bearings engraving
Supply Ability: 100 Sets / Month In stock! From - Qingdao Marking Family Laser Technology Co.,Ltd

Release time: 2021-09-10 14:37
Advantage: This custom automatic laser marking machine is mainly designed for bearings engraving number letter and logos. it works with ezcad laser software and PLC device to control bearings auto feeding laser engraving, it works very stable and improve engraving efficiency and save much labor cost. It applies to all sized bearings and can do black or white engraving or deep etching on bearings......

Product Introduction

This page will tell you how to use our automatic fiber laser marking machine 50W to do bearings engraving with auto feeding conveyor. You can set conveyor moving speed and your production quantity in our PLC systems, once finished, the system will stop and reminds you finish. 50 watts automatic fiber laser engraving machine is suitable for not only bearings engraving but also some parts that needs stop to engrave. It can ensure same position engraving on each items....

Product Descriptions

Custom Auto feeding automatic laser marking machine for bearings engraving

Tremendous forces act on ball and roller bearings. Laser marking is ideal for the creation of identification labels as they are extremely resistant to heat and mechanical stress. Even under the toughest conditions, laser markings on stainless steel, hardened and coated metals, plastics and ceramics remain permanently legible. They are used in production codes, lettering, logos or dimensions.

Automatic laser marking machine

automatic laser marking machineauto feeding laser marking machinebearings laser engraving machine with conveyorbearings auto feeding laser engraving machinebearing laser engraving machine

Working steps: 

  1. Edit what you want to mark in Ezcad.
  2. Then adjust the position of engraving with red light previewer. 
  3. Then click Go, then conveyor will moves
  4. Once bearings arrive the position, the conveyor will stop and push it out to do engraving
  5. Once finished engraving, then conveyor moves again to repeat automatically

Application examples for ball bearings

Typical areas of application for laser marking ball bearings are functional labels (logos and company names for anti-counterfeiting measures) as well as product information (type, size, date of manufacture, etc.).

  1. Production codes
  2. Lettering
  3. Logos
  4. Product information
  5. Company name
  6. Trademark protection, anti-counterfeiting measures
laser engraving bearings

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